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Dubai Film & TV Commission opens portal to manage film shoots

The Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) has announced the establishment of a new online portal which should reduce the number of days it takes to film a movie or TV series in the emirate.

The commission, which was launched last year and is the body responsible for supporting the audio visual industry in Dubai, is hoping to launch the new portal by the end of 2013.

Speaking to Abu Dhabi-based news outlet The National Jamal Al Sharif, the chairman of the DFTC said the initiative will link all government and private sector parties possibly needed for a production and will allow them to view film applications. This way, the commissioner says, the waiting times around the application process can be reduced from what is currently five to a mere one day.

"The automated system lets other agencies, like the Dubai Police, know that a company is registered to shoot in Dubai. You will be able to get approval outside of the country, on mobile phones and tablets," said Sharif. "Dubai has to be standardised with other international cities. It is important we listen to our partners who are demanding fast track and easy access."

Up to July of this year, the DFTC received 429 applications to film in Dubai. Last year 19 films shot in the city, the income to Dubai from those is estimated to be US$10m.

Dubai has seen a lot of productions come to its turf in recent years among which the feature film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, an episode of the British series Doctor Who and many commercials for global brands.

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