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Fargo TV series to film in Canada

The 1996 film Fargo threw the Coen Brothers into the mainstream, bagging an Oscar for best actress (Frances McDormand, pictured below) and screenplay. Now the film is to be made into a TV series starring Billy Bob Thornton, with filming taking place in Canada.


Written, produced and directed by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, the film starred William H Macy as a hapless car salesman who hires two crooks (led by Steve Buscemi) to kidnap his wife in a bid to get his hands on ransom money. Frances McDormand starred as the police officer investigating the crime. In the TV series, Billy Bob Thornton will play one of the crooks.

It has been mooted that Manitoba or Alberta in Canada will be the filming location, with a decision expected to be made within the next couple of weeks. FX Networks CEO was quoted as saying: “There are a lot of factors involved – economics, crew availability, what we find in terms of locations and, to a certain extent, weather. We’ve been told we can’t be guaranteed snow in either location until after about November 1st, which is kind of late, but that’s when we’re going to go into production.

“We’re deciding between the two [Manitoba and Alberta], and it’s very complex in terms of the tax rebates and the differences between the provincial tax deals. We’re just trying to weigh both of them and figure it out.”

The ten-part series is scheduled to start filming towards the end of the year for a spring 2014 transmission.


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