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Dutch film market gets €20m to boost international productions

The Dutch government has announced the allocation of an extra €20m to the Dutch film industry, starting from 2014. The funding is designed to boost the Netherlands’ attractiveness to international filmmakers.

Over the last few years the Netherlands has been unable to attract international film productions, while Dutch film producers were often forced to shoot and post-produce their films abroad. It has been a major point of discontent within the local industry.

The announcement follows a parliamentary motion which called for a study into the effectiveness of film measures already in place and how they attracted inward investment from the international film community.

How the additional investment will be used exactly (by setting up a tax-shelter, a cash rebate or a tax rebate) is not yet clear. A cash rebate seems to be the most effective measure in its execution, the Government stated, as it will stimulate expenditure within the Netherlands and will give a considerable boost to the Dutch film production climate, with increased levels of employment, on top of the cultural benefit.

In their statement, Dutch ministers also acknowledged a recent research finding by Filmproducenten Nederland (FPN), the Dutch organisation for film producers, that the film market in the Netherlands currently suffers a competitive disadvantage internationally.

Recently a report by Oxford Economics concluded that employment levels in the film sector in Europe have shown a growth of 11.5% since 1998, while Dutch employment figures fell 16.7% in the same period.

Film Fund CEO Doreen Boonekamp said: “This positive outcome is crucial for the future and quality of the national film industry. Dutch film professionals can now compete internationally on the basis of quality. We expect this measure to enable more foreign producers to shoot and produce in the Netherlands.”

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