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Sony defies gravity in latest commercial

Forget the likes of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating for survival in space as Sony has gone one better and created a visually stunning ad featuring real-life skydivers - without resorting to CGI.

sony alpha

Advertising Sony’s new Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R cameras, the new ad was filmed at 15,000 feet and shot in 4K resolution and up to 120fps to give the effect of weightlessness.

From M&C Saatchi Tokyo and directed by Jeff Gaunt for Sony China, the commercial took two days to shoot and consisted of nine different jumps. Each jump had a freefall time of around a minute and in that time the filmmakers tried to capture up to three shots.

Speaking in the making-of video (which you can watch below) Gaunt explains that the crew weren’t able to see what was taking placing during the jump, so preparation was key. “This wasn’t your typical skydiving film, so we used highly skilled, world-record holding skydivers, all flying in at some crazy angles.”

The commercial starts with no music, just the rumble ambient audio of space and someone breathing, as one skydiver floats in slow-mo above the clouds. Other skydivers then appear and start snapping away using Sony’s new camera as they fall through the sky.

Sony is no stranger to shooting in 4K for their commercials – they used the technology towards the end of last year to promote their 4K TV’s.