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2013: a great year for KFTV

The past year saw a lot of exciting things happen on the KFTV website. Here an overview of 2013 and what you can expect from us in the year ahead.

Aside from doing some major work on our country guides – which offer filmmakers a country specific overview of funding and co-production possibilities, information on equipment hire and studios, and explain how to get permits – we also launched several new features, including a guide section, a blog and these news pages.

You – our users – seem to value our work, at least, so the stats tell us.

On the news page, which was launched back in April, we enjoyed no fewer than 80,000 page views. Our blog section got over 11,000 views and our guides – bringing hands-on skills to film, television and advertising professionals – received over 27,000 views.

Here are a few of our top articles that featured on our website last year:

Top 3 news stories

Milla Jovovich and Anton Yelchin join starry cast of Cymbeline

Backin August you were all very excited to learn about the cast of Cymbeline, which was about to shoot in New York. Fast forward to 2014 and the film is ready to hit the cinema screens - you can watch the trailer here.

Tom Hardy set to scale Everest

Also in August, you were all pleased to find out that hunk Tom Hardy had taken on another role after shooting the highly anticipated Child 44 (also a popular story) in Prague. This time Hardy was to play George Mallory in a feature film about the conquest of Mount Everest. But, news is time sensitive and at the time of writing it appears that Hardy has swapped this role to play Elton John in the biopic Rocketman.

Busy time for UK film as Hollywood moves in

Our lovely reporter Nia Daniels penned down an overview of all the Hollywood films that were taking advantage of the UK’s tax credit, talent, crew and studio facilities. Several massive names featured in this article and we currently find ourselves writing a follow-up as the announcements just keep on coming.

Top 3 guides

How to get regular work in TV and film production

Working in TV or film production as a freelancer isn’t always easy, with the majority of jobs based on short-term contracts. For any role – whether you’re a runner, AD, or producer – it’s crucial you know the best ways to remain in regular employment. In this article our very knowledgeable Paul Banks provides the tips to remember.

Ten must have apps for filmmakers

The days of pen and paper are over. Screenwriting, line rehearsals, pre-production and accounting – everything is done on smartphones and tablets nowadays, even directing is made easier with the help of nifty apps. So, to help you move with the times, we chose our top 10 apps for the modern filmmaker. 

Ten things you need to know about being a runner

Working as a runner in the film, TV or commercials sector is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make it in the industry. A lot of producers, directors, and high-powered execs were once runners themselves, and have climbed the ladder to get to where they are today. In this popular guide we advised you how to behave, and especially how not to.

Bring on 2014...

In the coming year we will aim to give you even more news and helpful advice, and we hope that you keep returning to our website.

Talking of which, overall KFTV welcomed 396,343 unique visitors on our website, viewing more than 2.5m pages (2,667,859 to be exact). That means that compared to 2012 our traffic went up by nearly 12%, unique visitors by nearly 10%, page views went up by 28% and the average stay on our website went also up by over 28%.

If you have any queries about what we can offer then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do this by emailing our editor Alexandra Zeevalkink or head of sales Sarah Keegan, or by seeking us out at one of the many industry events we will be attending in 2014 such as the upcoming Berlinale, the AFCI Locations Show or the Cannes Film Festival – we always appreciate feedback.

To a great 2014!

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