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Coca-Cola launches new television commercial Just Add Zero

Coca-cola zero television campaign advert commercialCoca-Cola has launched a new campaign with a stunning television commercial directed by Nima Nourizadeh (Project X), aiming to re-launch its Coke Zero brand.

The campaign kicked off in the UK and will soon be rolled out to other European countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Finland and the Netherlands.

Shot in South Africa, the TVC shows the good looking male protagonist navigating a series of situations where he experiences more by ‘adding zero’. While listening to pumping house beats and seeing some stunning backdrops, we see him ride his bike in the sunset to a party where 100 people soon turn into 1000 people – simply because he ‘adds zero’. Next up two stunning women become 20, but unfortunately in the next scene, when he is alone with the girl he fancies, she too ‘adds zero’.

The drinks company says the campaign (Just Add Zero) with television commercial is aiming to “establish Coca-Cola as an icon to a new generation” and should attract both men and women.


In 2012 director Nourizadeh made his feature film debut by teaming up with producers Todd Phillips and Joel Silver to direct the Warner Bros. feature film Project X. He is also responsible for music videos for artists such as Hot Chip, Lily Allen and Chromeo.

Bríd Drohan-Stewart, marketing activation director at Coca-Cola Great Britain says: “Because Nima is an epic storyteller, who creates emotions and puts us right in the heart of the action, the video resonates with our audience and communicates their attitude.”

The campaign comes nine years after Coke Zero first launched in Europe in 2006.  

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