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The future of 3D in China

Despicable Me 2In a recent interview in The Economist, Keith Collea, an American 3D expert, simply stated “China is where it’s at” – and indeed it is, especially for 3D.

In 2013, China overtook its Asian neighbour Japan to become the second-largest film market after America. Box-office takings soared and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it soon became the world’s largest.

Films, no longer used for obvious propaganda, have taken on a serious role in the lives of young Chinese people. Huge screens, most of them 3D or even 4D (added smells or moving seats for example) are all the rage nowadays and more cinema screens are popping up every day in the country.

At the moment the amount of Hollywood/Western big budget productions allowed onto the Chinese market is very limited at just 34 a year and foreign producers are only allowed to keep a small share of the box-office takings (usually less than 25% according to The Economist). About a third of the import quota is currently reserved for 3D and/or IMAX films. However, change is on the way with new co-production treaties being signed left, right and centre and soon we could be importing and co-producing a lot more with China.

It pays off to get the attention of a Chinese audience and filmmakers from other countries know it. The potential is so big that many producers actually adapt their film especially - sometimes with new scenes, sometimes by including Chinese actors, but mostly by ensuring that their film is available in 3D – China’s most popular format.

Looking at the face of the future, KFTV therefore gives you a few key tips for making 3D films, just so you will be one step ahead of the competition when the Chinese market opens its doors.

Take a look at our guide to 3D filmmaking here.

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