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House of Cards calls off production in Maryland

Producers of Netflix’s House of Cards have delayed production on season 3 in Maryland due to the US state’s pending tax credits. They are threatening to break down the set and film in another state if they cannot receive the same or better tax breaks as during season 1 and 2.

house of cards Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in Netflix's House of Cards

The state’s lawmakers are currently considering passing two bills that will boost the annual $7.5m cap in tax credits for film and TV projects to $11m or $18.5m.

According to The Washington Post, Media Rights Capital (MRC), makers of the Emmy-nominated series, hit out via a letter to Maryland’s Governor, stating that if a a bill to increase tax credits isn’t passed they will find somewhere else to film. Originally planned to shoot early spring, MRC will push back filming until June when hopefully there is a positive outcome of the legislation.

After season 1 of the political drama, which is exclusive to Netflix and stars Kevin Spacey, Maryland reimbursed MRC for a portion of production expenses, totalling more than $11m in tax credits. It is expected the producers will receive $15m for the second season.

Producers are now asking for a tax credit similar to that of season 2, but unless a new bill is passed, Kevin Spacey and co. could be seen shooting in another state that can double up as Washington D.C.

The show, which recently made its season 2 debut, has already created almost 6,000 jobs and injected more than $250m into the state economy.

Maryland currently offers a refundable tax credit equal to 25% of total direct costs for qualifying film productions, and 27% for a television series (including a pilot or miniseries) administered on a first come first served basis.

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