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Stunning new showreel from Film Finland

The Finland Film Commission has launched a stunning new showreel to promote the country’s film locations.

Cut to a varied soundtrack which dips from prettily eerie to jauntily orchestral, the film is punctuated by occasional graphics and showcases the wide variety of film locations available in Finland.  

Film Finland showreel

We spoke to lovely film commissioner Tiina Laasonen about the locations used in the film, which is arranged into four main parts.

Coolest. The film opens with the snowy forests of Kuusamo in the north of the country; an ice fisher from Kilpisjärvi, in the Enontekiö municipality, Lapland and then the beautiful ice-white fells of Kittilä, also in Lapland.

Lightest. It begins with the silhouette of a girl making her way over a foggy swamp in Pudasjärvi, northern Finland. Next up are boats in Helsinki, a breakdancer from Hiekkasärkät in the Kalajoki Municipality, western Finland; a fairytale, iced-over cabin cabin from Valtavaara in Kuusamo and the other worldly Aurora Borealis from Inari in northernmost Lapland.

Easiest. This features the city location of Turku in western Finland; a church tower set against the backdrop of Oulo in the north of the country; the Helsinki port and coastline and a snowy road in the Lapland region of Rovaniemi. This part then moves onto an aerial shot of a hotel on the top of a fell in Levi (Kittilä), a castle and the old town of Turku and a man in a boat in Helsinki.

Wildest. The final part of the film opens with an underwater forest in Rovaniemi, a summer skier whizzing down the slopes in Kuusamo, and a church surrounded by carnival goers in Helsinki. Wildlife puts in an appearance next as we see a herd of reindeer and a man running in Lapland, followed by a snowy white dog bounding through the forest of Kemijärvi. The final aerial sweep shows the fells of Kilpisjärvi.

Produced by Maria Gullsten and directed by Miikka Niemi, the film was produced by Flatlight Films in close collaboration with advertising agency Puisto.

Many thanks to Tiina Laasonen of the Finland Film Commission for providing the locations and production information.

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