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Canada and UK explore TV and animation co-productions

A trade delegation of Canadian TV producers and animation execs is currently in the UK to explore the possibilities for future collaborations on the back of the UK’s new tax relief rules.

The British Film Commission and indie producers alliance Pact welcomed the delegation this week in a bid to bring more international productions to the UK. The trip was organised in partnership with Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the Mayor of London, the Canadian Media Production Association-BC and the Canadian funding agency Creative BC.

On the programme is a three day forum for animation producers in Manchester as well of a range of high powered meetings with production companies and animation houses.

In addition, the schedule will include presentations from some of the UK’s top drama commissioning editors and informative sessions outlining how the new British high-end television and animation tax relief and co-production treaty works from a legal point of view.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission, said: “[These trips] deliver for our excellent domestic production companies, directly connecting them with international producing partners. With animation, the tax relief has already ensured we are retaining UK production, but this represents the first time the UK has undertaken a proactive mission to attract international investment.”

Karen Thorne-Stone, president and CEO of OMDC, said UK and Canadian producers are alike as they are “both producing innovative, high-quality, compelling content that is in demand by audiences around the world”. She also stressed the long history between Canada and the UK when it comes to creating successful film and television productions and said it was time to “re-invest in that relationship”.

The Canadian producers are closely followed by six of their US animation counterparts who will visit the capital next week – this trip will include execs from The Jim Henson Company and DreamWorks Animation.

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