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George David on what to expect at the AFCI Locations Show

George David, president of the board of directors of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), is gearing up for the organisation’s annual Locations Show. This year the show runs from 27-29 March at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

A non-profit organisation, the AFCI was founded by a small group of film commissioners in 1975 as a kind of forum to exchange ideas and experiences. Since then it has grown into a global organisation - with over 300 commissions spread across the world – and facilitates film and TV productions the world over, generating billions of dollars in the process.

The Locations Show is a major event which brings together industry professionals from all four corners of the globe. Attendees include a wide range of key production personnel such as producers, directors, location managers and, of course, film commissioners.

Locations Show 2014 “to be significant”

David’s career in the production industry began in earnest in the mid ‘90s in Jordan. He then relocated to Los Angeles where he pursued a film degree course and worked as a production manager and producer in the heart of the film industry, Hollywood. In 2005 he returned to Jordan and joined the kingdom’s Royal Film Commission, where he is currently general manager.

AFCI panel

Speaking to KFTV, David is confident about the impact and importance of this year’s event. Locations 2014 will be significant and prove valuable to our members and the production community alike,” he says.

“Our team is putting together a fantastic programme around the show that will appeal to those in film, television, commercial and digital platforms. Plus the new location is giving us an opportunity to make the show itself more inviting [last year’s event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center], while also allowing us to make our networking events less constrained, paving a way for more relationship-building.” One of the key factors for success in this industry.

AFCI South Louisiana

AFCI highlights

Having attended the event last year, here at KFTV we thought we’d get a heads-up on any key features or special events that attendees can look out for this year.

“The industry is rapidly evolving, and so are the expectations from film commissioners,” David explains. “With the digital revolution, everything from budgets, filming equipment, distribution and even location scouting is changing constantly.

“First and foremost, we are an educational organisation – the AFCI will continue to educate and support its members in being able to be one step ahead of these trends.

“Our ever-popular Filming Incentives and Programs panel will return; much of the programming will be new to the show, which is enticing for our attendees and which, in turn, is also good for our exhibitors,” David says.

“The AFCI’s industry party also grows larger each year and the Century Plaza has given us their beautiful garden area for this networking event which allow for much greater participation.

“A great deal of business is done at this party, believe it or not. We are still building the programming and I would encourage people to visit our website, to keep up with the latest announcements.”

AFCI crowd

The Locations Show is a pretty big event and it is tough to get a specific number of attendees out of David. However, he does reveal that with the conference nearing, the event is “on track to recreate the success of the recent past with regards to exhibitors”.

“We are very pleased with the number of new organisations joining us this year,” the AFCI president adds. “I think it signifies the growth and attention that the organisation and our marquis event are garnering.”

He sounds pleased, an emotion that is confirmed when he tells us that contributing to the advancement and professional development of film commissioners worldwide is “gratifying”.

AFCI stand

We would like to thank George David for his help in compiling this article, and wish him well for the Locations Show 2014.

KFTV will be at booth 218 for the duration of the show – come and meet the team if you are attending.


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