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U-turn on Kansas City film office and Maryland's film incentives

Both Maryland and Kansas City have acknowledged the economic benefits of film and television production to their community.

In Maryland legislators that were under fire from the producers of House of Cards for not providing enough incentives to remain the production in the State, agreed to restore the financial incentives to their previous level of $18.5m.

Over series one and two the show claimed $26m back of the production costs made in the State. Media Rights Capital, which produces House of Cards, then threatened to relocate the Netflix show if it didn’t continue to get a similar sum for its next series.

House of Cards is not the only one benefitting from this U-turn though, HBO’s Veep is also currently shooting in the state.

Kansas City restores film office

In Kansas City, Missouri, local legislators have voted to re-open its regional film office after it closed 12 years ago in 2002. Now there’s hope again among the city's film community that they will be able to attract more productions to the area.

The film office’s budget, which will come into effect on 1 May, is made up of tourism tax dollars and funding by a local visitors association. The organisation will have a full-time director whose main remit is to attract films, commercials, and television productions to Kansas City.

Some volunteers tried to keep the office open without funding in recent years and agree that there is a pressing need for someone to man the office on a permanent basis.

Heather Laird, a casting director who is chairwoman of the volunteer organisation, spoke to Associated Press, expressing worries that the lack of a film office had already cost the city a chance to attract big productions such as feature film The Good Lie and America's Got Talent.

Previously the city was host to productions such as Robert Altman's Kansas City and Ang Lee's Ride With the Devil.

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