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Walt Disney Studios chairman confirms Star Wars filming locations

Abu Dhabi and Pinewood Studios in the UK will be the two main filming locations for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn confirmed in a recorded interview with Bloomberg TV.

As previously reported by KFTV, second unit camera work is already underway in the UAE but principal photography will also commence in the emirate at a later date.

“We will announce very shortly what we are doing,” Horn said when asked about casting. He explained the crew had already done second unit filming in Abu Dhabi and unspecified other locations because the production needs to get “that Star Wars-y feel”.

“We need to go to the right places which can give us that look and feel. We did have Second Unit work shooting already but we haven’t commenced the main part of principal photography yet.” When asked Horn then confirmed the UK's Pinewood Studios and Abu Dhabi as the two main locations.

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