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Woody Allen chooses Rhode Island

Woody AllenIt would appear that Woody Allen may finally have got Manhattan out of his system, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

It seems that the director’s next film – set to star Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone – is shooting in Rhode Island, with principal photography starting in July.

Steven Feinberg, executive director of Rhode Island Film and Television Office, also confirmed the news to another local paper, the Providence Journal, stating that the production would qualify for the state’s film tax credit.

As with all Allen’s projects, a veil of secrecy hangs over this feature; he doesn’t normally even reveal his films’ titles until the eleventh hour, and certainly not the plots. Local castings are being held in the New England state.

For decades, Allen had been synonymous with his beloved NYC, until he got the Europe bug with Match Point (England); Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Spain), and Midnight in Paris and Magic in the Moonlight both filmed in France.

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