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European producers launch initiative to work with China

Bridging the dragon European producers to work with ChinaChinese and European film producers are looking at ways to work more closely together through the creation of a new organisation called Bridging the Dragon.

The group will aim to support filmmakers from both continents with tailoring their approaches and content. On the European side the involved producers would benefit from knowledge on how to tap into one of the largest box office markets in the world, worth around $3.6bn.

Furthermore, Bridging the Dragon - which, to name a few, has supporting members in Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Italy - will facilitate workshops and network events, some of which will take place at the Locarno Film Festival – the organisation’s main festival partner.

Officially the programme won’t be launched until 2015 although the group has just opened an office in Berlin. It will be run by Sophie Bourdon. 

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