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Jeff Bridges in California for Kahlúa ad

Jeff Bridges Kahlua

Jeff Bridges is heading up a new campaign for Kahlúa in the form of a 4-minute film called The White Russian.

The Hollywood actor headed to California for the shoot, which took place in the Lancaster Desert and Boardners Bar in Los Angeles.

From London-based Lucky Generals and director Ivan Zacharias of Stink, the ad features Bridges’ distinctive basso drawl, narrating the strange events he witnessed as a young man while driving through the desert.

The combination between topic and actor is an homage to Bridges’ best-known role as The Dude in The Big Lebowski – in which the actor’s signature drink was a Caucasian (aka a White Russian).

The lengthy spot has a cinematic feel, and seems to be very much part of the current trend for self-contained stories told as short films starring big-name screen actors, such as the recent Jude Law/Giancarlo Giannini tale for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The activity is part of a broader idea - Kahlúa Productions – which marries the brand’s heritage in the world of classic cocktails with its long history in film.

Bridges will attend a private screening in Hollywood this week to officially launch the spot. The Academy Award-winning actor said of the project: “As a short film entirely inspired by a simple classic cocktail, this story is creative, enigmatic and beautifully shot.”

Production credits as follows:

Agency - Lucky Generals

Producer - Julia Methold (Bridle Production)

Director - Ivan Zacharias

DOP - Adam Kimmel

Production company - Stink

Prod co. producer - Nick Landon

Editor - Flilp Malásek

Post-production - Andrew Wood, The Mill

Sound studio - Jack Sedwick, Wave