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California's Governor signs film and TV incentive law

California signs new tax incentive for film and TV productionCalifornia, home of Hollywood and the traditional hub of international film and television productions, will revive its dwindling industry with a new film and TV incentive bill signed today (18 Sept) by the state’s Governor in Los Angeles.

The recently passed tax incentive bill will provide $330m per annum in tax credits over a period of five years, starting next July. The current allocation to film and TV productions looking to film in the state is $100m and works on a lottery basis; this will be replaced by a different system which will rate productions based on the amount of local jobs they are expected to create.

The bill is projected to breathe new life into the state’s production scene which has suffered a lot over the years from runaway projects attracted to the higher tax incentives in states such as Louisiana, Georgia and New York.

Various officials from government, unions and guilds as well as a selection of entertainment industry professionals are expected to attend the signing ceremony.

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