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Jordan set to introduce tax incentives

The Jordanian government has approved a new package of tax reductions for foreign filmmakers to shore up future inward investment.

Last Days on Mars

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the changes were agreed in September and will include for certain film projects the exemption from VAT, the withholding of tax for foreign film crews and the exclusion of customs taxes.

The new programme works on a points system, whereby productions build up points over a set of 13 criteria, the majority of which are heavily related to the economic benefits for the region including local spend such as crew wages.

According to the report, more points will be amassed if the production utilises tourist sites, such as the ancient city of Petra, thus promoting Jordanian culture.

Jordan has already proved an attractive proposition for international filmmakers – Ridley Scott famously filmed some of Prometheus in the Wadi Rum valley, as did Ruairi Robinson with Last Days on Mars (pictured).

However, the new scheme will see Jordan line up in direct competition with other Middle East locations such as the UAE’s Abu Dhabi, which has offered foreign filmmakers a rebate of 30% for the last two years and which recently snared location shooting for Star Wars: Episode VII.

For more on filming in Jordan, visit our production guide.

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