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Hollywood to return to the golden age of film production

Los Angeles wants easier film production rules to revive HollywoodLos Angeles' council members took the necessary steps on Tuesday to resolving permitting and bureaucratic issues surrounding filming in the city.

The recently increased tax credit programme is expected to bring a dramatic increase in productions to Los Angeles. However, attempts to organise rules and regulations in a more straightforward format have been met with some opposition in the form of residents residing near popular shooting locations who will undoubtedly be affected.

Officials from several city agencies told the special committee that they are taking steps to try to make it easier for filmmakers. The Department of Recreation and Parks is hiring additional film monitors in an effort to reduce delays in scheduling or approving location shoots. The Department of Water and Power is reopening the Hollywood reservoir to filming, after famously being off limits because of security concerns, although permitting to that site and other well-known locations will be on a case-by-case basis. The Department of Transportation is also looking for more ways to be more flexible in how it issues parking restriction signs, which can be an obvious nightmare for crew.

City departments are expected to gather an in-depth list of city-owned properties that could be used by filmmakers for both location shoots and base camps; the information gathered can then be shared with FilmLA, which issues city and county shooting permits.

For an extended amount of time, Los Angeles has been known as the foremost mecca for film, heralded as the residing quarter of actors, companies and agencies alike. However, more and more productions have been moving away from the city and towards greener pastures, with productions enjoying higher tax incentives, original landmarks and well-known studios. This new initiative in response to Los Angeles’ rising location-based opponents could indeed herald a new dawn for the popular destination among the thrifty worldwide film industry.

Downtown LA has historically been such a popular area for location shoots. Like other popular destinations it also has a wealth of great areas and historic buildings. LA city council members and Mayor Eric Garcetti have been trying to market the city as more film friendly and have endorsed the prospect of extended hours for shooting.

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