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Miami further increases film studio space

Miami Ocean Drive Film Studio A would-be movie studio won initial approval on Thursday (11 Dec) for a $10m grant to build a large production and entertainment complex in Miami.

The planned facility, Ocean Studios, is proposed by investor Rodolfo Paiz, who – according to local press – does not bring experience in the entertainment industry to the table. However, he enters the venture with James Stamatis, the current vice president of studio & production operations at Telemundo Television Studio.

The proposed plans so far include four massive water tanks for underwater scenes, 10 sound stages,, production offices, post-production resources and a hotel. However, these have not been finalised and the county subsidy would first require the relocation of three charities currently housed on the proposed site.

Earlier this year EUE/Screen Gems also announced it is to open a film and TV production in the city. That studio, the Miami Entertainment Complex, will incorporate two 15,000 sq ft sound stages, office space and editing suites. The studio will be ready to house its first television and movie productions in June 2015.

With Stamatis’ Telemundo experience, the studio might also be able to tap easier into Spanish-language television, of which Miami and South Florida are presently the nation’s primary producers.

Currently, Florida’s production industry is worried that the state’s incentives for films, TV programmes and commercials shoots is set to finish in the summer of 2016. The state is already losing out on other territories which have better cash or tax incentives.