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Dragons, castles - and cheese - for commercial shoot in Latvia

Another Film Company’s director Harald Zwart is at the helm of a charming commercial for Norwegian cheese Ridderost.


Called Hi Darling, the ad was shot in Riga, Latvia, where castles, although maybe not dragons, abound. We see an almighty battle between a bearded knight and a fearsome dragon, until the knight breaks off for a lovestruck phone conversation.

The actor cast as the knight had to endure many takes, all the while wearing heavy armour and having hot flames fire at him. The final result that we see is actually the rehearsal take, as the team thought it the most spontaneous.

The dragon was added in post, so the knight also had to interact instead with a person hanging off a ladder to represent the dragon, and to get alignment between the two just right. 

You can watch the ad below, where you will also find a list of production credits. 

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, ridder means ‘knight’ in Norwegian and ‘ost’ is cheese…)


Client: Tine

Agency: TRY/Apt

Production: Motion Blur 

Production service: Artbox 

Executive Producer: Espen Horn

Director: Harald Zwart - repped by Another Film Company

DOP: Geir Hartly Andreassen

Line Producer: Violeta Daubarien

Production Manager: Vytautas Drazdauskas

Post: Storm Studios, Oslo


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