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Hollywood film studio Carolco reopens with horror drama

After almost 20 years, the iconic Hollywood film studio Carolco is to be reopened. 

The home of many blockbuster movies, such as Rambo, Terminator 2 and Total Recall in the 80s and 90s, Carolco was one of the biggest independent film studios in Los Angeles. However, after a combination of movie misfires, the recession and a failing TV and home movie label, Carolco filed for bankruptcy and officially closed its doors in 1992. 

On 22 January Carolco announced it was back. Now under the helm of former investment banker-turned-movie producer, Alex Bafer, and assisted by chief development executive Mario Kassar, who started the studio in 1976 with Andrew Vajna.

As part of the new Carolco ventures, the studio will be backing Mario Kassar's latest project, Audition - a fresh perspective on Ryu Murakami's novel first made by Takashi Miike in 1999. 

Written and directed by Richard Gray, the film is scheduled to start shooting later this year.

After its return with Audition, Carolco has other projects planned, including a major sci-fi film that is apparently set to rival its earlier catalogue.

"We're talking something very, very big," Bafer said in an interview with Den Of Geek. "An action packed, Terminator-type sci-fi summer blockbuster, which is probably the logical next step for us after this."

Whatever the project may be, excitement is in the air, even though it’s still shrouded in a cloud secrecy. All we do know is that Carolco - to quote one of its biggest films - is back.