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Advertisers the real winners of Super Bowl

Still going strong, the NFL super bowl remains the premier event for the exhibition of commercials. Generating well over 110 million views worldwide, viewers were treated to a vast array of adverts with strong comical or dramatic narratives.


This year’s game, between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona and, even with the huge anticipation attached to the two star-studded teams, the famous commercials often seemed to steal the game’s limelight.

With America's notorious love affair with the Super Bowl, many marketers believe the huge cost is almost not worth the price. This year, a 30-second spot was a cool $4m while a 60-second spot went for a staggering $8m.

As usual, the commercials featured some big names, with Kim Kardashian fronting a dramatic-spoof ad for T-Mobile and Bryan Cranston donning his famous yellow overalls for a brief appearance as Breaking Bad fan favourite Walter White in an advert for Esurance.

One certain commercial was doing the proverbial rounds as a ‘killjoy’. Insurance company Nationwide decided to run a spot about preventing childhood deaths. The tone of the ad was in steep contrast to the comedic elements shown in other spots, drawing harsh criticism from audiences around the USA.

A few of the most acclaimed commercials can be seen below.