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Wahlberg and The Rock unite for gritty documentary

Mark Wahlberg’s shingle 44 Blue Productions is uniting with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for a gritty new project.

The wrestler-turned-actor will segue from mega-blockbusters to documentaries as he goes behind the scenes of a tough Florida boot camp for juvenile offenders.

The documentary, titled Rock & A Hard Place, will follow 40-50 young offenders as they enrol and are put through their paces in an intensive programme for four months. In an interview with RealScreen, president and co-owner of 44 Blue Productions Rasha Drachkovitch said: “I think what’s so exciting about this project is that there’s a real rawness and real power to seeing someone come in who’s just headed towards destruction, and see them – over the course of four months – really change.”

The Miami-Dade county facility where filming will take place has an outstanding reputation with nine out of ten graduates of the tough programme successfully staying out of jail. Johnson himself came up with the idea a year ago, drawing inspiration from long running MSNBC doc-series Lockup.

On his new project Johnson stated: “They break these young offenders down in a hard core way, only to build them back up. With my multiple arrests, I was once one of these kids. I turned my life around, and hopefully we'll help a few turn theirs around too.”

Shooting is set to begin in Florida at the end of this month.

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