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Beer distributor provides major new film studio for Georgia

AtlantaOver the last few years, the state of Georgia has been building and consolidating its reputation as a go-to destination for filmmakers and TV producers, which looks set to continue well into the future with the construction of a shiny new studio.

Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta is in the Gwinnett County area of the state, and comprises four, 30,000 sq ft sound stages over an area of 60 acres. When finished, there will be six sound stages in total.

Also housed on the site is a beer distributors – the project comes from Eagle Rock Distributing Company, and came about in a somewhat roundabout way. When the Catching Fire sequel was shooting in Atlanta, the production demanded such massive sound stage space that it eventually edged out another project from Screen Gems Studios in the city.

That project was ABC’s Resurrection, whose producer Gideon Amir met Eagle Rock’s CEO Steve Economos, who, having merged some of his operations, had a large, recently-empty warehouse facility called Stone Mountain.

Economos duly decided to put another of his facilities, Norcross, to good use, and the idea was born to turn it into a major movie studio. The $13m project is due to open in the next few weeks, with a hugely positive impact on the amount of filming that can now be absorbed by Atlanta.

Deputy commissioner of the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, Lee Thomas, told local press last year: “This is a beautiful, state of the art facility and we're excited to have it as another asset for Georgia.”

Around the same time, Economos commented: “Yes, we're adding jobs, yes we're adding a lot of support business. We've met with over 10 different vendors that will be working with Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta. So just the trickle-down effect will be fantastic for this area.”