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Hyundai ad stunt sees message of love being sent to space

Hyundai message of love astranout space girl Advertising is all about sending the audience a positive message about your brand, and Hyundai are doing just that in their latest commercial when they make a little girl’s dream come true.

In their latest commercial Hyundai make it possible for a little girl to send a message to her astronaut dad by creating the largest tire track image ever made – visible from space.

The 13-year-old girl from Houston explains how she misses her father who is an astronaut stationed at the International Space Station. Her wish is to tell him how much she loves him so he knows people are thinking of him.

Cue Hyundai.

The car manufacturer gets busy to orchestrate a stunt which sees a motorcade of Hyundai Genesis’ write/drive a giant version of her message across Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake.

Here’s how it was all done:

The final image, written in the girl’s own handwriting, is almost 3.5 sq. The Guinness World Records has even established it is the largest tire track image ever made.

Here’s the result of all their efforts: