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Georgia will host biggest film studio in the US

Currently in development, Moon River Studios - set to be based in Savannah, Georgia - will now take the reins as America’s largest film and TV facility.

The 1,560 acre project is being developed through the film division of Georgia-based company FONU2 and will include sound stages, landscapes, an outdoor concert venue, post production offices, editing suites, warehouses, mills and set fabrication services.

Speaking to FOX411, chairman of the board at FONU2, Jake Shapiro, alluded to the facility being an upgrade on Hollywood because of its location: “Georgia is the place to be, it’s on fire here in terms of the amount of work going on.

“You wouldn’t naturally think to shoot a scene for the Lower East side [NYC] in Savannah Georgia, but that what’s great about Georgia. Savannah has neighbourhoods that look like Brooklyn and the Lower East side. It has beaches that look like the Caribbean and can pass for the Hamptons, and Atlanta is a phenomenal city that can pass for most big cities in the world.”

Across the state, major studio Pinewood Atlanta is also making waves, attracting big productions such as Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

It seems Georgia is fast becoming the go-to place to film in the US, with its competitive incentive programme and strong studio infrastructure.

Watch out Hollywood.