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Four US states team up to entice filmmakers

US states Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas have decided to join forces to lure more productions to their respective territories.

The aim of the new initiative – now known as the Mid States Film Commissions Partnership – is to bring the economic impact of major budget productions to the states, something that recently has eluded them.

Feature film American Honey, one of the first products of the co-operation, wrapped filming in early July. The project filmed in all four states and has reportedly already created a large economic impact.


Mark Jarret, location manager for American Honey, reported that shooting across so many different state borders would have been hard without the presence of the partnership and that it was unusual to work in so many states in a short amount of time. Jarret also compared the extra film officers on set to “having an additional eight members on the crew.”

Stacy Heatherly, now the eastern Nebraska film officer, said of the operation: “We worked tirelessly to provide information for locations, props, logistics, lodging, transportation, security and many other items needed for physical production.”

This may be the first step in what the fly over states need to start bringing a steady of stream of productions their way.