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Two HBO series heading to Utah

The Utah Film Commissionhas reported that two HBO series will be filming in the state through the autumn, with an estimated spend of more than $11m in total.

One of the new productions, titled Westworld, which is created by screenwriter Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight & Interstellar) and based on the 1973 film from director Michael Crichton, was awarded a $460,000 tax credit by the state. The show - starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton - is about an adult theme park named Delos that’s run by lifelike robots.

The pilot was filmed in Moab, a city in the east of Utah, late last year. Spending on the episode was a reported $1.8m, with production on the full-length series set to return there in October.

The other application the commission approved with the maximum available tax credit, of around $2.6m, was for upcoming drama series Mosaic. Helmed by director Steven Soderbergh, the show is also scheduled to begin filming in October.

Utah Film Commission director Virginia Pearce said on the two shows: “We are pleased to have worked closely with HBO to bring these projects to Utah.

“Both productions will create additional jobs and generate a positive impact on the Utah economy. This is especially significant when the economic impact happens in rural parts of the state, as it will for Westworld.”