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New Florida film studio could boost production in downtown Miami

A new film studio has opened in downtown Miami and could help boost production in the Florida city. The $14.5m facility has been developed by city authorities but will be managed by EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

EUE Screen Gems Studios Miami

The Miami Omni Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) built the 88,000 square-foot studio, which offers two 15,000 square-foot stages. Viacom is set to launch a multiplatform hub at the facility.  

"We are grateful for the vision and investment from Omni CRA to build a top-tier studio and post-production facility here in Miami," commented Chris Cooney, chief operating officer of EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

"This is a groundbreaking partnership for us and for Viacom, designed to capitalise on the best of Miami - its terrific talent pool and Viacom's expertise in production. EUE/Screen Gems Studios brings a high level of service skills to facilitate their production.

“The City of Miami and specifically the Omni CRA is able to kick start an exciting redevelopment of the district as a hub for the creative arts.”

While the new studio is a positive step for Miami, the city and indeed the state as a whole faces a major challenge attracting studio productions as Florida lacks an effective filming incentive.

Big-budget movies and TV shows set in Florida typically shoot locally for just a few days before using another part of the world as a stand-in. Bryan Cranston’s thriller Infiltrator and Tim Burton’s next feature as director, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, both organised short Florida shoots when local authorities put together small-scale incentive payments.

As a more recent example, Ben Affleck’s upcoming film Live by Night has chosen to rebuild the Tampa neighbourhood of Ybor City in Brunswick, Georgia, to take advantage of a generous filming incentive programme.

“Building on the strength of the Miami brand and leveraging our popular location as a top destination for business and pleasure, the film studio will attract new opportunities and employ hundreds locally,” added Marc D Sarnoff, City of Miami commissioner and chairman of the OMNI CRA.

“The establishment of the Viacom International Studios in Partnership with EUE/Screen Gems Studios will develop Miami's creative industry, one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors of south Florida's economy.”

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