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Pinewood considers Chile for new studio

Pinewood Studios is considering Chile for its first South American filming facility, which would expand the company’s presence to five countries.

Chile is popular for international commercial filming, but has had less success attracting high-profile films or TV shows.

“This type of investment that we want to attract ... doesn't only mean an influx of capital, but it also marks a specific area where we have the potential to grow,” said Vincente Mira, executive vice president of Chile's foreign investment committee.

Pinewood’s flagship site is based just outside London and the company also now has facilities in Toronto, Atlanta, the Dominican Republic and Malaysia.

Disney has become a major client for Pinewood, with the new Star Wars movies based in London, while Marvel is filming several of its superhero titles in Atlanta.

A Pinewood facility in Chile would help boost the country’s profile, while also potentially bringing more big-budget shoots to the South American country.

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