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Estonia plans filming incentive for 2016

Estonia plans to launch a filming incentive in January 2016 that will help boost the country’s production profile.

The programme will be piloted for two years as a 30% cash rebate with a budget of €500,000 each year administered by the Estonian Film Institute (EFI).

“If you want the 30% rebate, you will need to engage more local creative members in the production’s crew and they have to be Estonians residing in the country,” said Edith Sepp, head of the EFI, in comments to Screen.

“We are talking with the finance minister about raising the ceiling of the rebate scheme’s budget if there are more eligible projects. They are quite open to considering this.”

Estonia is not yet a production centre, but filming incentives have helped increase international interest in the country’s European neighbours. Lithuania offers a 20% programme and has attracted shoots like courtroom drama The Eichmann Show and literary adaptation War and Peace.

Norway plans to launch its first national filming incentive next year, and the director of the Polish Film Institute recently called for a similar plan to help Poland reach out to more international producers.

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