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China considers more film shoots with Australia

China is looking into increasing its co-production work with the Australian film industry, with comedy My Extraordinary Wedding and horror The Nest already preparing to shoot.

The production industry in China is growing rapidly and the country already has the world’s second-largest film market. Further, China is trying to expand its soft power internationally and continues making co-production agreements with countries like the Netherlands.  

Filmmaking hubs like Australia still offer superior visual effects and post-production facilities compared to the resources currently available domestically in China.

Australia is keen to attract more Chinese productions and the general manager of the Motion Picture Association of China has visited Sydney for the International Chinese Film Festival, reports Australian news outlet SBS.

"It's the ability to access our post [production] facilities here and expertise that we have to generate the production quality that Chinese audiences are now looking for," said Wayne Borg, general manager of Fox Studios Australia, in comments to the outlet.

"We've seen that being accessed by filmmakers around the world because they recognise the quality of what we have to offer here."

Earlier this year, Australia sent a large delegation to the Australia-China Film Industry Forum in Beijing and authorities were involved in lengthy negotiations with Chinese producers to have a hugely popular Chinese reality show film on location in Western Australia.

Australia offers a three-pronged federal filming incentive in addition to a separate fund for one-off support payments and rebates for post and digital effects work. The country has recently secured high-profile studio features like San Andreas, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

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