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Iceland considers film studio plan

Authorities in Iceland are planning to negotiate with filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur to set up a film studio near the capital Reykjavik.

Kormákur has become a major Icelandic export with credits that include Hollywood action movies Contraband and 2 Guns, as well as the recent mountaineering drama Everest.

The director is part of an Icelandic production company called RVK Studios, which reportedly is interested in converting a former factory into a studio facility.

“A film studio in Reykjavik would increase projects in Iceland and widen the experience of Icelandic filmmakers,” said Reykjavik City Council in comments reported by media outlet the Iceland Monitor.

“With more projects there will be more stability within the industry and it could become an interesting choice for talented individuals who have previously had to work abroad. A film studio in Reykjavik would strengthen the foundations of Icelandic filmmaking, the production of television material and increase competitiveness on the international market.”

Iceland is a popular international filming location with a generous 20% incentive and unique landscapes that have recently appeared in high-profile Hollywood studio films like Noah, Tom Cruise’s Oblivion (pictured) and Thor: The Dark World.

The country already offers a 24,000-sq-ft stage at a former military base now known as Atlantic Studios, but most international productions shooting in Iceland focus on location filming and go elsewhere for their stage work. A more expansive studio facility could help change that.

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