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Georgia in Eastern Europe launches film incentive

The country of Georgia, on the intersection of Europe and Asia, has launched a 20% cash rebate as a filming incentive for early 2016.

Payment of the base 20% rebate will be awarded once a shoot wraps, according to production networking organisation Film New Europe (FNE).

When productions are released, Georgian authorities will consider the direct promotional value for the country and producers may get their rebate increased by a further 5%.

The minimum qualifying expenditure for the filming incentive will be around €190,000 for films and TV series, and about €114,000 for documentaries and commercials.

“We think that this decision is crucial for the Georgian film industry,” David Vashadze, Head of Export and Distribution at the Georgian National Film Centre, in comments to FNE.

“There are many film production companies looking for new and very diverse territories. Low bureaucracy and a film-friendly atmosphere are very important, but without financial incentives the possibility of attracting a big number of foreign productions is not very high.”

Georgia is not known as a filming hub centre, but the incentive will help raise its international profile. The country’s closest international production competitors are Turkey and the sound stages of Eastern Europe.  

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