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Blade Runner sequel plans Budapest filming

A sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi noir Blade Runner is planning to film in Budapest this summer.

Scott will executive produce the sequel and has experience shooting in Budapest, having filmed his recent hit sci-fi rescue drama The Martian partly at Korda Studios. 

Hungary offers a 25% filming incentive and world-class production infrastructure at facilities such as Korda and Origo Film Studios

The original Blade Runner was released in 1982. Harrison Ford starred as weary detective Rick Deckard (pictured) searching for a gang of murderous androids in a dystopian Los Angeles of 2019, which at the time was nearly 40 years in the future.

Denis Villeneuve will direct the new film, with Ryan Gosling starring. Harrison Ford is confirmed to return as Deckard, although it’s not clear how large a role he’ll play. The sequel will be set several decades after the events of the original. 

Long regarded as a cinematic masterpiece, Blade Runner is particularly renowned for its grimy urban visuals, much of which were based on designs by ‘visual futurist’ Syd Mead.

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Image: Warner Bros