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Vancouver filming activity soars 40 percent

Movie and TV production in Vancouver, British Columbia, rocketed by 40% through 2015.

Production increased across the board in terms of films, TV shows, pilots and commercials. Feature production got a boost but the numbers were dominated by the superhero movie Deadpool (pictured), which spent more than CA$40m (around $30m) in the city and has since become a huge (and unexpected) international hit. 

The film trend appears to be continuing this year, with January seeing a 30% increase in permits.

“When originally looking for a city to shoot this film, Vancouver had the most attractive elements including an active and supportive film-friendly city staff, amazing locations, and experienced local crew,” said John J Kelly, executive producer of Deadpool for 20th Century Fox.

More than 300 television episodes filmed in Vancouver in 2015. Warner Bros. was the biggest client with seven different series in the city. 

"We see first-hand the enormous positive impact on film and TV productions on our city every day,” added Gregor Robertson, mayor of Vancouver. 

“As one of Vancouver’s high-growth industries, film is a big contributor to our nation-leading economic growth. Vancouver is home to world-leading talent in the film industry and the city is committed to supporting all levels and aspects of production.”

British Columbia’s generous filming incentives are among its central appeals to the Hollywood studios. The current low value of the Canadian dollar means producers get even more for their money, but the provincial government may reduce the filming incentive in response.

Vancouver’s main Canadian competitor is Toronto, which also offers generous incentive support and world-class studio infrastructure. This week the mayor of Toronto will meet a dozen studio heads in Los Angeles in a bid to bring more production to his city.     

For more on filming in Vancouver see our production guide.

Image: Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox