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Pinewood Toronto Studios to expand

Pinewood Toronto Studios is set to expand its film and TV facilities over the next few years to help the Ontario city strengthen its international appeal.

The new development will not include extra sound stages, but filmmakers will have access to an additional 135,000 sq ft of workshop facilities and production office space.

“This expansion builds our capacity to host additional productions simultaneously on our lot,” said Blake Steels, president of Pinewood Toronto Studios.

“This means more films for Toronto, which is good for the whole film industry [and] the whole city. In 2013 Pinewood added three purpose-built sound stages to our campus so we could support productions of all sizes.”

Building the new facilities will help Pinewood Toronto Studios take a big step towards its long-term goal of doubling in size.

Toronto is one of the most popular production hubs in North America, partly because of its generous filming incentive support. 

In the past couple of years Pinewood Toronto Studios has hosted Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror Crimson Peak and Adam Sandler’s alien invasion comedy Pixels, as well as the Oscar-winning dramas Spotlight and Room (pictured).   

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