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Mozart film shoots in Czech Republic

Period movie Interlude in Prague will film in historic locations across the Czech Republic to tell a fictionalised version of how Mozart wrote the opera Don Giovanni in Prague in 1787.

The UK-Czech co-production is based at Barrandov Studios in Prague, a production facility that offers 14 sound stages over two sites. 

Location filming is scheduled for regional castles, a monastery and the Ceský Krumlov Baroque Theatre (pictured) near the southern border with Austria. Stillking Films is servicing the shoot and the movie is scheduled to spend €7m locally.

“Let me say how thrilled I am that Czech Republic is hosting a film with a story set in our country, and specifically in Prague, after many film and TV projects where it is subbing for other countries,” said Ludmila Claussová, head of the Czech Film Commission.

“This film will benefit tremendously from our beautiful period locations and specialists in the production design team, whose experience in crafting such historical films is second to none.” 

The Czech Republic is a popular international filming location and its 20% cash rebate on eligible local spending has boosted its profile in the last few years. 

German period productions are particularly common, with around a dozen different shoots spending nearly €25m in the Czech Republic in 2015 alone.

“Unlike contemporary stories, for period pieces you need a lot of filmmakers with a high expertise in various professions, from costumes to props,” said producer Filip Hering of Czech production company Wilma Film.

“In Europe these is basically no other place than the Czech Republic, with such a concentration of experts in a relatively small area, which covers the entire range of film professions needed for period films.”

For more on filming in the Czech Republic see our production guide.

Image: Czech Tourism

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