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Aviation film set company opens Atlanta base

A company specialising in aviation-themed film production services has opened an office at Pinewood Atlanta Studios Media Park in Georgia.

Air Hollywood ATL immediately offers a full-size set of a Boeing 757 Cabin Interior. In the coming months the company plans to offer more specialist sets including cockpits, wide-body passenger jets and even an airport terminal building.

Georgia has become one of the main production hubs in the US as a result of its generous filming incentive support, world-class studio facilities and flexible locations.

Airliner sets are an important component of film production as they offer crews complete control and are used by all sorts of shoots, including the hit comedy Bridesmaids (pictured). The control of a specialised set is in sharp contrast to real airports and planes where practical and security concerns are an understandable priority for aviation authorities.

“A studio in Atlanta is ideally positioned to deliver these specialty services in a cost-effective manner to any production based between New York and Dallas,” said Rob Frank, a veteran location manager who is operating the new branch of Air Hollywood ATL.

Frank also owns Legacy Movie Ranch, a 1,600-acre facility near Atlanta that’s the first of its kind in Georgia to offer varied environments such as lakes, rivers and cabins, all exclusively for filming purposes.

Movie ranches are especially common in California, where TV and film productions routinely make use of standing sets of Middle Eastern villages and Western towns within a short commute of central Los Angeles.

For more on filming in Georgia see our production guide.

Image: Suzanne Hanover/Universal Studios