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Star Wars Rogue One given £20m for UK filming

The producers of the recently-wrapped Rogue One: A Star Wars Story received tax credit support of £20m to film in the UK, figures show.

Rogue One is the first in a standalone series of Star Wars films that will be released between entries in the new trilogy.

Production on Rogue One started at Pinewood Studios near London soon after The Force Awakens wrapped, and is set shortly before the events of the very first Star Wars movie. 

Production spending in the UK on Rogue One came to around £105m, according to news outlet Politico. Lucasfilm and parent company Disney received tax credit support of £20m under the terms of the UK’s generous filming incentive support programme.

As a major production studio, Disney and its subsidiaries have spent the past few years following filming incentives to the world’s top production hubs. 

Lucasfilm has been committed to London shooting for the past couple of years. Marvel has alternated production bases between the English capital and Atlanta, which has become one of the top filming hubs in the US. Its superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to shoot in Australia after Disney used Queensland as a base for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently filming at Pinewood Studios in the UK and is likely to be getting tax credit support on a similar scale as The Force Awakens.

For more on filming in the UK see our production guide.

Image: Lucasfilm



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