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California loses Supergirl TV filming to Vancouver

Supergirl on locationThe second season of CBS TV series Supergirl will shift filming locations from Los Angeles to Vancouver to help save on production costs.

Supergirl is based on the DC Comics character and follows Superman’s cousin as a 24-year-old as she embraces her powers on Earth.

The show was one of the biggest TV dramas to commit to filming in Los Angeles in recent years, but somehow did not manage to secure incentive support from California. 

Supergirl suffered a drop-off in ratings towards the end of its first season, so the move to Vancouver will enable the network to save money by using British Columbia’s generous filming incentives.

British Columbia in fact recently announced that its filming incentive will be reduced by 5% from July. However, the decision was made in response to the current low value of the Canadian dollar and the major Hollywood studios were consulted ahead of time.

California considered nearly two dozen TV projects for tax credit support during the most recent application window in mid-February, but only nine were approved.

The California filming incentive recently saw its annual film fund more than tripled, with most of the money allocated to supporting TV production.

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Image: CBS