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New film of Stephen King’s It shooting in Toronto

Stephen King on locationA new film version of Stephen King’s horror story It has started shooting in Toronto.

The story follows a group of friends over 30 years starting as children as they’re terrorised by an evil spirit that manifests as a sinister clown. It was first made as a two-part TV movie in 1990 that was filmed in British Columbia.

Toronto is one of the top production hubs in North America, along with Vancouver and Montreal.

Stephen King’s books have been adapted into numerous film and TV productions over the years, including Stanley Kubrick’s classic adaptation of The Shining in 1980. Under the Dome (pictured) was recently filmed as a three-season TV series in North Carolina that ended late last year. 

Two other productions are currently underway based on Stephen King stories. The Dark Tower endured years of uncertain development as the first in a series of eight fantasy novels with a Western tone, but the project is currently filming as a TV series in South Africa and New York, both of which offer generous incentive support.

Elsewhere, US TV channel Spike has ordered a TV series adaptation of King’s horror story The Mist, which follows a group of disparate individuals trapped in a suburban supermarket when an otherworldly mist of sinister entities descends on their town. 

The Mist was made into a critically-acclaimed movie in 2007 that filmed in Louisiana, but the new series will reportedly shoot at least partly in Nova Scotia in north-east Canada.

Nova Scotia is not known as a Canadian production hub, but does offer a 25% production incentive backed up by a film fund of $11.5m a year. The province has hosted shoots like recent slavery period drama The Book of Negroes, long-running TV series Haven and, indeed, previous Stephen King TV adaptation Bag of Bones in 2011. 

For more on filming in Ontario see our production guide.

Image: Michael Tackett/CBS