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TV drama Quantico relocates filming to New York

Quantico in New YorkAmerican drama Quantico is relocating to Silvercup Studios in New York to film its second season, after initially shooting in Canadian city Montreal.

Quantico takes its name from the real-life FBI training centre in Virginia in the eastern US, with the drama following a group of young recruits at the facility. The series was already partly set in New York in its first season.

The pilot was in fact filmed in Atlanta but the show moved to Montreal for its full first-season shoot, reportedly because the necessary crew and studio facilities weren’t available in New York at the time.

Producers are scheduled to spend nearly $70m in New York over the course of the 22-episode second season shoot.

Silvercup offers nearly 20 stages across two sites in Long Island City across the East River from Manhattan, and is also set to open four additional stages further north in the Bronx.

The studio hosts several hit US TV shows, including Elementary – America’s answer to the BBC’s Sherlock – and the acclaimed series Girls.

“With the opening of Silvercup North this summer, we will have the ability to help meet the surging demand for television and film production space in New York City,” said Stuart Suna, president of Silvercup Studios.

“With the growth of original series on Amazon and Netflix, and with the New York State Film and Television Tax Credit programme, which incentivises productions to shoot in our great city, there is more demand for studio space than ever before.”

Fifty-two separate TV episodes were filmed in New York in the last season, a 15% increase on the previous year, according to official figures. Batman prequel series Gotham was among the biggest productions, spending close to $60m and filming in nearly 130 separate locations.

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Images: Eric Liebowitz/Phillipe Bosse/ABC