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Next Jurassic World movie to film in Hawaii

Jurassic World in HawaiiThe next Jurassic World movie will return to film on location in Hawaii, although studio work will take place in the UK.

All four of the Jurassic Park movies to date have filmed scenes in Hawaii since the franchise was first launched in 1993.

Last year Jurassic World (pictured) rebooted the brand a full 15 years after the last film and spent millions of dollars shooting on location on the islands of Oahu and Kauai.   

Reports suggest the new film will start its Hawaii shoot in February 2017. 

Hawaii is the most popular part of the US for jungle filming locations and offers a base tax credit of 20% for productions that spend at least $200,000 locally. 

Oahu is home to Hawaii’s only major city, Honolulu, but films and TV shows can get higher incentive support – up to 25% – if they shoot on the other islands. The move is designed to drive more filming and inward investment to the less developed parts of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Studio work for Jurassic World was done in Louisiana, but the new movie will film interiors at Pinewood Studios near London instead. 

Hawaii Film Studio is available as a local production facility but is not used for big-budget shoots. Plans were announced last autumn for a large-scale renovation but for the foreseeable future US studio productions will utilise more advanced facilities elsewhere in the world.  

Jungle locations can be a challenge for big-budget film and TV production, given the inherent logistical issues with weather and access. 

Visual effects and physical production design can be a more convenient option. Director Jon Favreau built a digital environment for Disney’s remake of The Jungle Book, while The Legend of Tarzan constructed West African locations on sound stages at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios near London.

For more on filming in Hawaii see our production guide.

Image: Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Pictures