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Silvercup finishes third New York film studio

Quantico in New YorkSilvercup Studios has finished work on a filming facility in the South Bronx area of New York, its third site in the city.

The new studio – called Silvercup North – cost $35m to set up and was developed with the help of a small grant from city authorities.

Filmmakers will have access to 115,000 sq ft of full-service production space, including four studios and workshop facilities. 

“We are excited to open Silvercup North,” said Alan Suna, CEO of Silvercup Studios.

“The film and television industry is booming in New York like never before thanks to the New York Empire State Film and Television Tax Credit Program. It is extremely gratifying to be opening our third studio.”

Silvercup’s two other studio facilities – known as Main and East – are both in Long Island City across the East River from Manhattan and offer 19 studio spaces between them. 

The FBI television drama Quantico (pictured) is among the latest productions to have chosen Silvercup Studios Main Lot as its base of operations and will spend around $70m filming in the city. 

New York’s generous filming incentive support has turned the city into one of America’s top production hubs. Fifty-two TV episodes were shot in New York in the last production cycle, with Batman prequel series Gotham among the highest-spending.

Despite New York’s iconic vistas, Cincinnati in Ohio is building a reputation as a popular stand-in for the city, especially for stories needing period New York visuals like Todd Haynes’ 1950s-set Carol and John Travolta’s upcoming biopic of infamous Italian-American mob boss John Gotti.

Ohio has also proved a more suitable alternative for large-scale action, with Marvel having doubled Cleveland for New York for its epic finale in the first Avengers movie.

For more on filming in New York see our production guide.

Image: Phillipe Bosse/ABC