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Massachusetts extends filming support to web ads

New England StudiosMassachusetts has seen an increase in production now that the state's 25% Film Tax Credit also applies to commercial projects made for online.

One such project, a two-minute product launch for luxury car brand Lexus, showcased the new stages at New England Studios outside Boston. 

The facility in which the Lexis ad was shot is the largest of its kind in the eastern US and was chosen by production company Big Block NYC because its four 18,000 sq ft stages can be conjoined by opening large interior elephant doors between the stages. 

This feature makes the stages ideal for larger productions and enabled the new LC500 Coup to be driven through shots at high speed creating a dynamic promo.

“An added bonus was that they did not have to build a set backdrop,” said Guy Holt, project manager at New England Studios. “The stages are so new and clean they chose instead to shoot against the bare studio walls.”

Local post and effects house Brickyard VFX, equipment rental house Talamas and local tax credit brokers have teamed with New England Studios to streamline the process of earning and monetising Massachusetts' Film Tax Credit.

“The state means business," said Holt. "To make it easy to earn the credits, producers can combine the budgets of multiple projects for the same client in any 12 months to meet a low $50,000 qualifying threshold, while projects under $250,000 do not have to submit an accounting audit."

To find out more about filming in Massachusetts, take a look at our Production Guide, which includes production services contacts and detailed information about filming in the state.