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Ukraine launches new filming incentive

Ukraine architectureUkraine has launched a new 25% filming incentive in a bid to bring more international producers to the Eastern European country.

The move was first mooted a year and a half ago and will enable the country to compete more effectively with European neighbours like Hungary, Poland and Lithuania.

“For the Ukrainian film industry, the new law on cinema, which, among other things, introduces the system of cash rebate (25%) for foreign producers of film and television, is a huge step forward, because now Ukraine has become competitive on the global co-production market,” said Victoria Yarmoshchuk, executive director of the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association. 

“Now we can offer producers from around the world not only our unique filming locations and professional services, but also an adequate system of returning production costs. We expect a rapid growth in film production in Ukraine in the coming years and are ready to consult foreign producers on how to make a film in Ukraine.”

Support will also be increased for Ukrainian producers to help the country boost its domestic industry. The Ukraine Film Office already offers production support and a locations library. 

Ukraine has been engaged in military action against pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country since the annexation of Crimea two years ago. However, Ukraine still has a thriving domestic production industry, particularly in the capital Kiev.

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