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X-Files reboot plans new filming in Vancouver

The X-Files Mulder and ScullyProducers of rebooted 1990s sci-fi drama The X-Files are planning a return to Vancouver in the spring of 2017.

The series was brought back for new limited episodes last year, nearly 15 years after ending its original nine-season run.

In the 1990s the series began based in Vancouver but in its latter years relocated to Los Angeles to take advantage of more varied location options.

Last year’s reboot brought the show back to Vancouver and the show’s creator Chris Carter plans to do the same for another extended season, reports Metro News Vancouver.

“I come back up here for the crew, for the locations, for the facilities - it’s really the overall package,” Carter told media, the outlet reports.

“You sacrifice nothing by coming to Vancouver, and you of course get a wonderful discount on the exchange on the dollar."

Last week Carter received the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) Industry Builder Award in recognition of the sustainability practices carried out during production of The X-Files last year. 

Some 80% of waste produced on the X-Files set was diverted away from landfill and all the steel and aluminium used for set construction was recycled. The shoot saved more than 30 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Vancouver is one of the top production hubs in Canada and a frequent double for California due to British Columbia’s generous filming incentives, flexible locations and proximity to Los Angeles. Studio space is in high demand and Skydance Media recently opened a new retrofitted facility in one of the city's suburbs. 

Jacqueline Dupuis, executive producer of VIFF, praised Carter and The X-Files as a show that helped turn Vancouver into the production hub it has now become.

“The X-Files was one of the first big shows to happen here and that put British Columbia on the map as a place to shoot,” she told Metro News.

For more on filming in British Columbia see our production guide.

Image: Fox Broadcasting