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Jason Statham filming shark movie in New Zealand

New Zealand lakeShark movie Meg is currently filming in New Zealand with actor Jason Statham and Chinese co-star Li Bingbing, with scenes also set to be shot in China.

Statham stars as a deep-sea diver who faces off against a giant prehistoric shark known as a megaladon, as he attempts to rescue the crew of a submersible stricken by the aquatic monster.

New Zealand is a popular international filming location with a base 20% incentive that can be boosted to 25% for larger productions. 

Meg is being produced by Warner Bros. in partnership with Chinese company Gravity, which is why the film will be partly shot in China.

Action sequel Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is also scheduled to film scenes in China and in fact partly owes its very existence to the fact that the first film was a big hit in the country.

The major Hollywood studios are increasingly working with Chinese companies in order to get easier access to China’s huge consumer market. Foreign films made without any Chinese involvement are still heavily restricted in China, with only around 35 authorised for release each year.

In the last few weeks Pinewood Studios announced the opening of a representative office in Beijing, building on the company’s exiting partnerships with Chinese production companies and studio developments.

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